Is your company bleeding from the consequences of onboarding bad hires? Perhaps you want to fill a temporary vacancy in your company due to sick employees, work overflow, or maternity leaves. Or maybe you plan to mass hire, need to hire for the first time, lack time, or want to minimize hiring costs. In any of these instances, the viable solution is to partner with a staffing agency.

Netting the right talent to fill a vacant role can be a massive challenge for any company. But with the success of any company heavily dependent on the quality of human capital it has, you’ve got no room for error in the hiring process.

For a successful recruitment process where you identify and recruit top talents in the industry, work with a reputable staffing agency. A staffing agency will professionally manage your entire recruitment process to fill the existing positions.

Learn the key benefits of using a staffing agency.

Faster Hiring

If you have a position you want to fill quickly, you can’t always rely on in-house recruitment. If you opt for this method, you’ll need to go through all the hiring process steps, from posting job descriptions to onboarding. Without the luxury of time, going through all the steps diligently might be hard. However, hasty hiring can result in bad hires and impact your business negatively.

To find the right fit for a vacant position within the shortest time possible, a staffing agency can help.  These agencies maintain a huge pool of pre-assessed qualified candidates in their database. Thus, the agency doesn’t have to undergo the entire recruitment process to hire a candidate. They can even often deliver a qualified candidate within a day for immediate placement.

High-Quality Candidates

Hiring the wrong candidate for the job can have far-reaching consequences for a company. Besides lost productivity, damaged reputation, high employee turnover, and low employee morale, a bad hire presents numerous financial costs. These costs may include training costs, severance pay, legal fees, and additional recruitment costs for a new hire.

To alleviate all the costs of a bad hire, you’ll want to carefully assess and interview any candidate before you hire them. An employment agency can help you achieve this. These companies have in-depth knowledge of the hiring process, and they clearly understand your needs and those of candidates. Thus, you’re sure to get the right candidate who matches your organization’s needs on the first attempt.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Maintaining an in-house recruitment department can be costly for the company. First, you’ll need to hire permanent employees for the department. Apart from salary, permanent staff will need other monetary benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid leave, skills development, sick days, or rewards.

Also, you need to finance and equip the department. You’ll need to purchase furniture and equipment and incur administrative costs. And don’t forget the company will incur these costs even when you’re not hiring.

If you opt for a staffing agency, you’ll scrap all these costs and reduce your business running expenses. With an employment agency, you only pay them for the work done without extra overhead costs.

Staffing Experience

As your business grows and develops, the need to hire technical employees may arise. If an in-house recruitment department handles such a hiring process, they might be inexperienced or under-equipped to find the right candidate for a technical role.

Since a staffing agency specializes solely in recruitment, they have experienced staff for every sector or industry. They can comfortably handle complex interviews and rigorous evaluations for candidates to fill a technical position. Thus, regardless of how complex or technical the vacant position is, a recruitment agency can find you the right talent.

For a fast, smooth, cost-effective, and successful recruitment process, hire a recruitment agency. If you’re searching for a staffing agency, look no more! At Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing, we’re here to take care of all your staffing needs.