If you conduct part of your business operations in a warehouse, it is essential to have a competent warehouse manager to ensure that your operations run smoothly. Warehouse managers oversee the receipt, handling, packaging, storage, and delivery of products.

The duties of a warehouse manager ensure that all operations in the warehouse go smoothly, which can enhance profitability. If you want to hire an excellent warehouse manager, you must know which skills are essential for running a warehouse effectively. Read on to learn six attributes to look out for in a candidate for a warehouse manager job.

1. Knowledge of Industry Software and Technology

Today’s warehouses often rely on computer programs and tech to manage system operations. An ideal candidate for a warehouse managing job should know how to operate a warehouse management software system, inventory control platforms, barcodes, and personnel management systems.

If your candidate knows how to operate such systems, it can ensure that warehouse managers can be on top of the work processes. Besides knowing how to operate various software, the ideal manager should have knowledge of developing industry technologies that can improve operations.

With such a manager, you can be confident of continuous improvement because they will always inform you of useful upgrades.

2. Leadership Experience

Overseeing a warehouse requires an individual to have great people management skills. Ideally, a candidate should have worked in a managerial position before. A candidate with previous leadership experience should know how to delegate duties and know the work involved in warehouse operations.

They should also know how to motivate employees to meet targets, and promote a productive work culture. An experienced candidate should know how to communicate the company’s goals to the staff. A good leader also respects the workers, making them feel that they are valued members of the organization.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

A Grammarly survey on the effects of miscommunication showed that companies in the US lose at least $ 1.2 trillion annually due to miscommunication. No matter how skilled a manager is, if they cannot communicate their knowledge, your business will be unable to benefit from their skills.

A warehouse manager communicates with workers regularly. Therefore, they must possess outstanding communication skills. A manager with good communication skills can also give employees feedback, ensuring they improve in areas they are lagging. Superb communication skills will also help a manager build professional relationships with other workers.

4. Safety Focused

Safety is essential in any work environment. In a warehouse where employees handle machinery and bulky goods, failure to prioritize safety can result in interruptions to work due to injuries and a high employee turnover. Ensuring the highest standard of safety in your warehouse saves you money in workplace injury compensations.

Working with a manager who is keen on safety assures you that your employees are safe even when you are not around. Additionally, you can avoid litigation due to non-compliance with employee safety requirements. With fewer workplace injuries, there is increased productivity and operational efficiency.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Problems in a warehouse could halt production. Therefore, when problems arise, the person in charge must be able to solve them quickly. For fast and effective problem solving, a warehouse manager should be someone who can think on their feet.

6. Organization Skills

Warehouse organization promotes safety, efficiency, and time-saving. A good manager should have a keen sense of managing warehouse processes to avoid errors and promote productivity. Ask potential candidates how they can improve processes in the warehouse to better understand their organizational skills.

Sorting through candidate resumes to find the perfect warehouse manager is a hectic process. You can easily find a good candidate to manage your warehouse by employing the services of a staffing company. Contact us today if you need help finding the perfect warehouse manager in Tulsa, OK.