Regardless of your industry, obtaining the right staff is a constant struggle. You may find the right team, but employees may move on to other things, and replacing them can be difficult.

Staffing frustration might signal that you need to revisit your staffing process. A solid staffing process will save you time and let you get more work done.

Listed below are the specific pillars you should include in your staffing plan.

Manpower Planning

The first step is for a company to determine the quantity and type of personnel it requires. 

The type of personnel refers to a candidate’s educational background and professional qualifications. Quantity refers to the workforce needed to fill the open job positions. The company determines whether the staffing process will be internal or external in the planning phase.

While assessing the type of labor required, a company should also consider the government policies around minorities, gender, and other groups.

Recruitment and Selection 

Recruitment involves finding the best potential employee and persuading them to apply. In this stage, the company advertises the vacancies on different platforms to get more options.

For one or a few vacancies, an organization can choose to hire internally through transfer or promotion. Alternatively, if a company decides to hire externally, staffing agencies can help bring in eligible candidates. 

Selection is the most critical but time-consuming step of the staffing process. Selection involves screening candidates based on their skills, qualifications, and experience. A company that duly follows the process benefits from better employee morale and productivity.


Placement procedures seek to pick the right person for the right position. Employee placement gives a recruit the basic orientation on the company and work areas. The orientation includes an introduction to units, supervisors, and coworkers.

An organization’s human resources manager or superior personnel typically conducts the orientation. The new employee gets to familiarize themself with the company policy and regulations, from leave procedures to working hours.

Training and Development 

Training involves providing recruits with an idea of the organization’s work methods and details of how they will undertake their responsibilities. Training is vital to keep employees updated on the technologies and procedures employed.

Development is also applicable to both new and existing employees. The development process entails how people can enhance their skills and competency for current obligations and career growth.

Besides an efficient workforce, training and development also yield loyalty amongst employees

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is when a company evaluates the performance of employees in an organization. Appraisal also seeks to study the attitude and aptitude of an employee towards the job. Companies conduct an appraisal annually to determine how much employees contribute to the organization’s bottom line.

Elements such as attendance, quality and quantity of work, and efficiency are key performance indicators to evaluate employees’ performance.


Compensation is the remuneration an employee receives in exchange for the job performed. Compensation can be direct in the form of salaries and bonuses and indirect in insurance and medical facilities.

A business compensates employees on a timely or performance basis which is crucial for sustenance. Various labor laws and policies decide on the compensation levels for employees.

Promotion and Transfer 

Promotion is giving an employee a raise in designation or pay. The upgrade typically comes with an increment in salary but not always.

A transfer is shifting an employee to a different work unit or branch within the same organization. A transfer usually has no addition in monetary benefits or responsibilities. Organization needs or employee personal reasons can instigate a transfer.

The staffing process is essential to a company’s growth and development. Now that you know what it takes to handle staffing properly, you can now look into the services of a staffing company. Staffing agencies have the knowledge and methods to simplify your hiring process. Contact us at Tulsa’s Green County Staffing today for more information on staffing and the options available.