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Want to Join the Great Resignation? 5 Ways Staffing Services Help

For many American workers, the pandemic and its consequences have made the prospect of quitting your job not only possible, but desirable. However, before you rush out and join what’s being called the Great Resignation, consider the value of working with a staffing agency as you prepare for this serious and life-changing move. Here are five important ways they can help.

1. Updating Your Resume

If you’ve been in the same job for a while, your resume probably needs some polishing and updating. A relevant resume that provides what current employers are looking for is one of the most important first steps in finding a great new job. This is particularly important if your goal when quitting your job is to change careers or industries since your resume may not automatically be the best fit.

A staffing service can help assess your resume, offer suggestions based on the job market, and work with you to make it clear and concise. They may also help to prepare you to handle job interviews again. 

2. Having Immediate Income

Perhaps the most worrying thing about quitting a job voluntarily is having no income until you find a new one. This is a good time to turn to a temporary staffing agency, as you don’t have to search job ads or go through a lengthy hiring process before starting an income-earning job. Moreover, because it can be either a temporary position or a permanent one, the pressure is off when it comes to choosing a job. 

3. Trying New Positions and Industries

Why do you want to leave your job? If you’re dissatisfied with the hours, the environment, the corporate ladder, or the type of people you work with, quitting allows you to find a more suitable work situation. But what is that situation? Finding the right fit is one of the hardest parts of job hunting.

Fortunately, a temporary staffing agency works with many employers with a wide variety of open positions, hours, and skill sets. Because positions are temporary, you can try out more than one new role before committing to anything. 

4. Preparing Financially

If you have some time to prepare to resign a primary job, you should build up a financial buffer before doing so. Because staffing services work with many different employers with many different positions, they can often help you find a source of side income before you even quit your job. 

A temp job could provide a little extra money during a particular busy season or serve as a side gig on days off, for instance. The added financial buffer means you can build up an emergency fund, pay off some bills, or even fund a relocation to a different job market. Then you’ll be able to quit your main job with confidence and less stress. 

5. Updating Your Skills

What do today’s employers look for? If you’ve been in the same job, you may not know the answer. Even if you do know the skills — both hard and soft — that you need, you must develop them yourself. Some staffing agencies and their clients help provide training in much-needed skills. You can also get on-the-job training through seasonal and temporary positions, which puts you in a better place for a permanent job search. 

Where to Start

Could you be better prepared to join the Great Resignation with help in any of these areas? If so, start by learning more about how Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing can help. We work with many Oklahoma employers and those who want part-time, full-time, temporary, seasonal, and permanent jobs. Stop by or call today to get started finding your new dream job. 

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