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Green Country Staffing
Our New Facility is Open! PDF Print E-mail


Tulsa's Green Country Staffing has opened its newly built 5000 sq/ft facility on Garnett Road near East 71st Street and Mingo Valley Expressway. Green Country Staffing has helped Tulsa employers find and hire qualified candidates since 1993. We realized over the last months that increasing demand from hiring companies and job seekers was quickly outgrowing our existing location.

"We wanted to expand our ability to recruit, qualify and place good candidates and knew we would need to build a bigger facility with more advanced systems to accomplish this," said Mike Kelly, President and founder of Green Country. "At the new location we can provide electronic candidate screening, testing and placement, which allows us to quickly connect employers with the right person for each job."

Candidates can apply for any one of many job openings managed through Green Country. Applications can be completed online or in person at the new facility. Skill testing is available to ensure that candidates meet the requirements of a particular job, allowing new hires and employers confidence that they'll be successful in the new position.

Putting Tulsa Back to Work PDF Print E-mail


Tulsa's Green Country Staffing plays a key role for Tulsa during the economic recovery.    We help our clients find the employees they need to reach their goals while maintaining the flexibility to staff and size their firms according to variable workloads and skill requirements.    This flexibility lets clients capture opportunitities while eliminating the risks of overstaffing.    We also help leverage critical Human Resources personnel so they can accomplish more, faster, and deliver the people their companies need.

How can Green Country help my company? PDF Print E-mail

More and more Tulsa companies are expanding their use of staffing firms.    In many cases the use of staffing services allows the company to focus on it's core business while minimizing the impact of employee aquisition and management.    Other companies find that they need to add qualified employees for special  projects while still allowing flexibility for future changes.   Our clients know that Green Country staffing can act quickly to identify, recruit and employ highly skilled staff for a variety of needed positions.    Let us show you how other similar companies have added valuable staff who help them drive their business forward - with the help of Green Country.