Welder Staffing Services in Tulsa, OK

When you’re hiring welders or are looking for welding jobs, Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing offers the welder staffing services in Tulsa, OK, necessary to help. We help staff welder jobs with qualified candidates for the benefit of the entire community.

Why Welding?

For decades we have served the welding job needs of Tulsa, OK. We have placed over 75,000 people since 1989, and we service over 200 employers throughout Tulsa every year. Our services are broad and helpful for people in a variety of situations.

Welding jobs are flexible and provide opportunities to work in a number of different fields. As a welder, you can find yourself working on cars, in construction, for the military, or even in the oil and gas industries.

Welders often have high job satisfaction and opportunities for job growth. Once you’ve been placed as a welder in Tulsa, you can gain experience to either continue to work in the area, or to relocate all over the world.

Why Us?

Our welder staffing services help you, whether you are an employer or a prospective employee.

For Employers

Simplify the hiring process with our services. Talk with us about the jobs that you need filled and our team will recruit the employees that you need to fill those spaces.

We find qualified welders that are looking for work and may otherwise be difficult to find and then prepare them for your business. We ensure that we understand fully what you are looking for in your prospective employees.

For Prospective Employees

Find the welding jobs that you want with the help of our team. We work tirelessly with you to prepare your resume and to give you the confidence and knowledge necessary to ace your interview.

Discover the welding possibilities in Tulsa, OK, with our jobs page. Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing helps match qualified candidates to available welding jobs. Call (918) 250-9660 to speak to our team today.

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