How we can help

We provide flexible staffing options for short- or long-term positions. We have a large pool of qualified candidates to work with to help find the perfect match for you and your company. With an internal staff available after hours and on the weekends to help with our employees currently working at your job site, we will be sure to help with whatever you may need.

We offer Net 30 terms to pay invoices and after 480 hours worked the temporary employee may be hired permanently. We also offer direct hire options as well as a ‘buy-out’ option.

Provide Details

Provide us with a job description, including pay rate, and basic job site information and complete the general staffing agreement.


Review Resumes

Review hand-selected resumes of candidates that have been interviewed by Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. After going over the resumes, interview the candidate(s) of your choosing.

JOB Advising

After the interviews, call Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing and make an offer to the candidate(s) you would like to hire and give a start date. We will contact the candidate(s) and perform the pre-employment drug screen and provide any other documentation you may need (backgrounds and any other paperwork is completed prior to the submission of resumes.)

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