Construction Staffing Services in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing provides construction staffing services to both employers hiring for construction jobs and prospective employees looking for construction jobs. We serve job candidates and employers throughout the Tulsa, OK, area.

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We strive to help fill open construction jobs because we understand the importance of construction for the operation of Tulsa. We provide different services to you depending on what your particular needs are.

For Prospective Employees

If you are looking for work, we help match you with the ideal employer. We recruit prospective employees like you so that we can simplify the job application process for you. We understand that applying to jobs is taxing and often self-defeating work.

We examine your resume with you so that we know your strengths and weaknesses. We offer tips for improving your resume if you are looking for suggestions to better apply to specific employers.

Once we’ve matched you with a potential job, we offer interview prep and training to help you apply successfully to jobs. We know the employers well and can give you insight to ace your interview.

For Employers

We know that hiring construction jobs is a challenge for many construction sites. We work closely with you to know your construction needs and find the employees that fit those needs.

Our team recruits prospective candidates fiercely so that we can offer you the best candidates for your open positions. We bring candidates to you so that you can focus on running your business as it is, while still counting on your positions being filled.

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Construction jobs are ideal for a variety of candidates. Our team of coordinators helps employers and prospective employees navigate the job market so that jobs are filled with qualified candidates.

Whether you want to hire new employees or are looking for a job, come to Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. Call (918) 250-9660 to learn more or explore jobs in more detail on our jobs page.

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