3 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Return to the Workforce

Are you planning to return to the workforce after a hiatus?  No matter what took you out of the job market — raising kids, managing a personal challenge, or not needing to earn — getting back in can be daunting. So before you start to head out for interviews, take the time now to prepare yourself to be in the best place possible for this new chapter. Here are three ways you can do just that. 

1. Get Into Good Routines

When you don’t work a full schedule, you may find yourself falling into different routines and habits. These aren’t necessarily bad habits, but they may not be conducive to regularly going to a workplace. And that can make your transition to working again more difficult than it needs to be. 

Instead of waiting to change your lifestyle until you actually get a job, start now. Set your alarm and wake up reasonably early. Go to bed early. Make to-do lists and get them done each day so you remain productive. Rearrange your chores to accommodate a schedule similar to when you expect to be at the office. If you make the meals for your family, practice meal prepping. Begin to eat properly, exercise, hydrate, and sleep properly.

Establishing or returning to good habits can take some time. So start now,and work on these positive developments one at a time. 

2. Update Your Skills

Updating work-related skills serves dual purposes. First, it helps you find and land a good job because you can do what today’s employers are looking for. Secondly, it gives you confidence as you return to your career. Confidence is a boost for better performance at interviews and adds motivation to get back into the workforce.

What type of updating you should take on depends on how long you’ve been absent and how fast your field moves. You may need to read industry publications to see the current trends and issues in your field or talk with others who work actively in your industry. You could also take an online or in-person course or a certification. Or attend a conference or join a local industry trade group to learn what’s in demand. 

3. Do Practice Runs

If you feel rusty or hesitant about any particular elements of your return, why not formulate some practice sessions? Interviews are a big concern to many people who return to work after a period at home. Work with a professional placement specialist to learn more about modern interview questions and techniques, then hold practice interviews with them or family members. 

Nervous about handling deadlines or staying focused with your home life calling? Have friends or family create deadlines for you to meet so you can get back into the habit of focusing on completing tasks. Volunteer with an organization to practice working with the public, completing jobs, and being part of a team effort. Or practice your updated skills with scenarios related to your work, such as managing a difficult client.  

As you prepare yourself and your lifestyle for your return to the workplace, you’ll gain confidence and motivation. The more prepared you are, the more you’ll want to get back to work — no matter whether the move is for financial or personal reasons.

Want more ideas to get ready, mentally and physically, to go back into your career? The staff at Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing can help. Our placement experts will work with you every step of the way — from updating your resume to improving your skills — so you can have the most successful transition possible. Call today to make an appointment.  

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