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5 Reasons to Start the New Year With Temporary Work

Are you looking for a positive way to start off the new year? If that includes making a change in your work situation, it’s a good time to consider seeking a temporary work assignment. What benefits can come from choosing temporary work? Here are five ways it could give you the boost you’re looking for.

1. You Learn New Skills

Do you need to update or add skills to your resume? Do you worry about losing any skills or seeing them become outdated? Temporary work allows you to occasionally brush up on different aspects of your career — or even to do new and unexpected things.

Some temporary agencies help their employees gain related skills that may make them more valuable in the job market. Even if yours does not, the positions you are sent to often provide their own training opportunities. You might learn how to use different tools and machinery, new software, or updated platforms. You can also practice soft skills like customer service, modern communication, and flexibility.

2. You Earn Some Cash

What better start to the new year than to have an infusion of added income? Many Americans have overspent during the holidays, and many people start feeling the consequences of buying all those gifts in January. This might cast a pall over your new year, so an additional paycheck usually comes in handy.

Even if you didn’t overspend over the holiday season, you can start the year off well by prepaying some expenses, adding to your savings, or taking a needed vacation.

3. You Don’t Have to Commit

Are you thinking about trying something new in your career but aren’t prepared to commit for an unnumbered amount of years? Temporary work frees up an employee to take on tasks or positions with as little as a single day commitment. Rather than spend many hours interviewing for a single job and then finding out if it’s a good fit or not, temp-to-hire positions are an opportunity to test the waters first.

4. You Manage Your Resume

Long gaps in your resume become a problem that could plague you for years to come. Why? To recruiters, you appear to have outdated experience or not to be keeping up with your field. If you find that your working life is developing a gap, a temporary or seasonal position will fill that hole quickly.

Similarly, job-hopping, or having multiple smaller gigs in a short amount of time, can create the impression that you aren’t steady or reliable. The advantage of working for a temporary service is that you have one single employer even though you may take many different jobs through them.

5. You Break Out of Routine

The new year is often a time for people to start new habits or kick old ones. If you feel like your work life — or just your general situation — has fallen into a rut, why not try something new to shake things up? Even if you don’t find a permanent solution for your troubles, you’ve at least taken positive action that could lead to other changes.

For example, if you’ve always worked for small companies, you might try a larger firm. If you’ve always worked in shipping, you could try receiving. If you’ve always worked full-time, you might test the advantages of part-time work. Or it might be as simple as testing the waters in a different industry or a different style of office.

Don’t know what might be a good change for you? Temporary service staff often provide new ideas and opportunities you may not have thought of.

Could a temporary position be just what you’re looking for as 2020 approaches? If you think it might be, start by making an appointment with Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing today. Our experienced staff will help you find the right way to start the next year with a positive outlook and practical benefits.

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