5 Reasons Young People Should Consider Temporary Work

For young people, getting into the job market and starting a good career can be daunting. Many who are in their prime years to begin a solid work path find themselves struggling with dead-end jobs, a lack of jobs, or waiting too long to find something.

One way to solve all these challenges and set yourself up better is to utilize a temporary staffing agency for temporary positions. How can this benefit you as a new worker? Here are five of the most important ways.

1. It Often Requires No Skills

The conundrum for many young job seekers is that they need experience to get a good job, but they haven’t built up that job history yet. Temporary work is a great way to get your foot in the door regardless of how little experience or skills you possess. A temporary staffing agency’s jobs run the gamut from highly skilled to those that will train workers.

You can generally start with lower-skilled positions and work your way up without the need for extensive schooling or certifications.

2. It Teaches You Skills

As you work, you hope to pick up skills and receive training in order to continue advancing. The variable nature of temp work means that you will often learn many different things quickly and efficiently. You might learn office skills in one job while learning to interact with the public in another gig. And you might find you are good at something completely unexpected.

The staffing agency may also offer training in various, in-demand skills — both soft and hard — to help you become more useful to more employers. And an employer who wants you to return seasonally may also choose to train you rather than have to train new workers each time.

3. It’s Flexible

If you plan to go to college or have other obligations that you need to work around, you may not be ready for a full-time, 40-hour-per-week job. But you need an income at the same time.

Temp agencies represent customers who are looking for all types of work in all types of schedules, including evenings, nights, weekends, or mornings. In addition, because you aren’t committing to a long-term role, you could seek out work for a week, a month, or the summer — freeing up other time to pursue other things.

4. It’s Fast

Don’t sit around the house waiting for the right job to be posted to job boards or sending out endless resumes. When you sign up with a temp service, they have a ready-made list of employers and positions. They can begin matching you with one of these immediately.

If nothing is a good fit right away, they will have access to more new positions every day. And you won’t have to continue sending out tons of resumes.

5. You Have One Employer

Not sure what you want to do with your life? Many people don’t, so you’re not alone. But if you decide to experiment a little, you could also end up with a resume that looks like you’re ‘job hopping’ or aren’t reliable.

The advantage that temp work has over traditional jobs is that you can move around while still under the umbrella of a single employer. And many staffing companies offer benefits — such as vacation and sick time as well as insurance — to workers who have been with them for a longer period of time.

Clearly, you can get a lot from considering temporary work through a staffing agency when just starting out. Want to learn more? Start by talking with the staffing pros at Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. Make an appointment today to learn how we can help you help yourself.

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