Is it time for you to change jobs? Do you get a sense of dread when the weekend is almost over, anticipating the coming week? If you have been contemplating a job change or if you simply despise what you do, maybe it is time for a change in vocation.

Watch for these eight signs that it is time to move on and change jobs.

1. You Have No Room for Advancement

If you have no room for advancement in your workplace, don’t get complacent and stay. Go ahead and see what else is out there for you on the job market. Always be on the watch for an outside position that will provide you with room to move up, and then bid your current workplace farewell.

2. Your Job Takes a Toll on Your Health

When your job takes a toll on your physical or mental health, you need to leave. If the stress is too high or you find that you drink or eat more to cope, reevaluate your situation. Certainly, if your physician reports that your health is at risk, move on.

3. Your Homelife Is Being Compromised

When your job compromises your homelife, marriage, or other commitments — even your finances if you are not paid enough to meet monthly obligations — it is time to go. Stay healthy and happy by maintaining a sense of balance in your life.

4. You Aren’t Respected

When you feel persistently disrespected and underappreciated by your superiors, leave your job. You have difficulty managing and coping in a workplace when you don’t feel valued. First, re-evaluate how you communicate with difficult individuals, and then go find an employer that will appreciate what you bring to the table.

5. You Are Not Reaching Your Full Potential

If you are working at a job that you don’t enjoy and that doesn’t utilize your skill sets, or if you lack passion and hate what you do, leave. Dissatisfaction or boredom will eventually erode at your job performance, too. Find a position that challenges you and that encourages you to grow.

6. The Company Is in Trouble

Another reason to leave is if the company is about to go down, go bankrupt, or go under. Unless it is your company or business, get out while you can. If illegal activity happens at your workplace, make a fast exit or risk being caught up in legal repercussions.

7. You Have Repeatedly Requested a Raise

If you have repeatedly asked for a raise but have not received one in three years or longer, it is time to move on. Don’t expect your boss or supervisor to give you a boss without requesting one, however. If you need more money, it could be time to look elsewhere for pay that is comparable to what you need.

8. You Lose Sleep at Night

If you find that you lose sleep over the stress, interoffice politics, or workload, quit your current job. Don’t let your health suffer.

Update your resume and visit a staffing or temp agency to get a jump-start on the process. The staffing professionals will be able to provide opportunities to you that might otherwise by inaccessible and unavailable. Take advantage of the services that they offer.

Is it time to change jobs? Keep an eye out for these seven signs that you need to cut your losses and move on. Start the process out with a visit to your local temp or staffing agency for leads on jobs that could be exactly what you have been searching for. Good luck with your job hunt!