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Do or Do Not: Things to Remember About Interview Etiquette

You’ve finally landed that coveted in-person interview for a new temp job — congratulations! Now you need to prepare for your meeting with your potential employer. But what exactly do you do besides answering questions in an interview?

The following guide provides you with in-depth details on interview etiquette. Let’s go over these dos and don’ts so you can succeed in your interview. You never know — developing these skills could help turn that temp job into something more permanent.

Do Choose an Appropriate Outfit — Don’t Dress Casually

Your outfit should help you look professional. If you dress casually, you risk showing the interviewer that don’t care about yourself of the job you’re applying for. Also, inspect your outfit before your meeting. Mend any small holes, remove fraying thread, or choose a different outfit altogether so you don’t look unkempt.

Do Practice — Don’t Wing It

The best interviews require practice, practice, and more practice. Research the company and role you’ve applied to. Learn all you can about the business and work, update your resume, and brush up your interviewing skills. Then, compile a list of questions about the enterprise, workload, people, and culture.

Doing so will help the interview go more smoothly. If you don’t prepare adequately, the interviewer may think you’re not dedicated or qualified to take on a position with them.

Do Take a Moment to Answer — Don’t Cut Your Interviewer Off

In that same vein, you shouldn’t rush through your interview. Take a moment to process the questions or comments presented to you instead of cutting your interviewer off to answer their queries and anecdotes. You can ask for a moment to think about how best to answer a question instead of blurting out whatever first comes to mind. Your interviewer will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

By granting them this small respect, you help them feel validated, and you can stand out above other candidates because you show your interviewer that they matter.

Do Brush Up on Table Etiquette — Don’t Drink Alcohol

Depending on how many interviews you’ve had for this position, this meeting may take place over lunch or dinner. Brush up on table etiquette (e.g., what manners to use, what silverware to use, etc.) so you can feel more confident in any restaurant setting.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol during your interview so you can keep a clear head. Opt for water, seltzer, or soda instead. Avoid drinking alcohol before your interview as well, if it’s held in an office building.

Do Use Confident Body Language — Don’t Close Yourself Off

Most of our communication is through body language or other nonverbal means, so present yourself confidently. When you introduce yourself to your interviewer, do so with a smile and direct eye contact. Stand and sit up straight, but don’t appear overly stiff. Don’t cross your arms or legs. Keep yourself open to give off a great first impression.

You want the interviewer to see your confidence. Try to convey that you know you’re the best person for the job through these nonverbal cues.

Do Turn Your Cell Phone Down — Don’t Leave It on the Table

Your focus should be on the interview, the interviewer, and the job you’re applying for. Preferably, turn your cell phone off or on silent and keep it in your bag or pocket. Don’t leave your phone (or other personal items) on the table, as they can distract you and the interviewer from the task at hand.

If your phone does go off during your interview, quickly and sincerely apologize to the interviewer for the inconvenience and turn your phone off. You could tell the interviewer that you were so involved in preparing for this meeting that you forgot to turn off your phone beforehand, then pick up where you left off.

We wish you luck as you look for (and hopefully gain) new employment opportunities. When you need a little extra help finding something in your wheelhouse, get in touch with Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. Our representatives can provide you with the resources you need to find a job with the right fit — you simply have to call us to get started.

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