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How to Use the Internet to Prepare for a Job Interview

Employers use the internet to their advantage, so, why shouldn’t you? It’s not about just finding a job. It’s about finding the job that’s going to be the best for you. That means doing some research before you interview with a company. Here are some of the best strategies to employ.

1. Look Up Their Social Media

Start on their social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. Their social media will reveal much in regards to their current actions and their general company culture. If you feel their social media resonates with you, it’s more likely to be a good fit. If you find yourself rolling your eyes or cringing at their material, it’s more likely that the company is not a good fit for you.

At the same time, look to see if you know anyone at the company. If you do know someone at the company, you can ask them directly whether or not they think their company is a good fit for you. Your colleagues are more likely to be honest about the pros and cons.

2. Review their Corporate Website

Their corporate website should have a lot of information about their general direction. Pay attention to their products and services, and learn more about how they operate. This will give you key insights into their process before you interview with them.

Pick out a few things about the business that you might want to learn more about. This will show your interviewer that you’re interested and engaged, and that you’ve taken care to research the company on your own.

3. Look Up their LinkedIn

The LinkedIn of a business shows a lot more than you might expect. Not only does it show its current employees, but it also shows current management. Look up your interviewer and find out where they stand in the company. You may even be able to see blog posts from them that give you insights into what they’re looking for in regards to employees.

On their LinkedIn, you’ll also see information about what the company has been up to recently. Note any expansions or changes in their operations, which will give you a better handle of the direction the company is moving in. You can then ask questions about the company’s services and mission.

4. Search for Recent News

How has the company been doing? Have there been any major issues or scandals? You can search for recent news about a business on Google or Bing, and note down any questions that you have. A recent scandal may be too delicate to speak to your interviewer about, but new product launches are something interesting to bring up.

Ideally, you want to work with a business that is growing. If the business is shutting down stores or declaring bankruptcy, getting on-board could be a very temporary situation for you. The more information you have about the business, the better.

5. Check Out their Reviews

Sites like GlassDoor compile reviews about companies, which will give you more information about what employees liked and disliked about their experience at the company. Even negative comments are not always negative for you. Some employees may dislike that they are left to be too independent, without direction. You might be the type of person who likes picking up the ball and running with it.

Review sites will also give you general insights into whether the company pays well or has good benefits compared to others. Take a look at other companies in their industry, and in their area, to compare other options. You might want to put in an application with another company altogether.

Remember: just like no employee is perfect, no company is perfect either. There may be issues with a company that they can address during the interview. Give them the chance to talk about problems that you’ve discovered. For more information, contact Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing.

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