Looking for a Truck Driver Job? 5 Qualities You Should Have

With the ongoing truck driver shortage in the country, you have a good chance to work in the freight and shipping industry. Before you apply for any job, however, recruiters advise applicants to research the main qualities an employer expects.

For a trucker, here are the top qualities prospective employers expect from potential drivers.  

1. Education and Training

With a license and certification from an accredited truck driving school, you’re better equipped to handle road situations. Employers might ask for special certification for drivers who wish to haul hazardous material loads or drive semi-trucks, school vehicles, or tanker trucks.  

To drive some types of commercial trucks, you need to pass additional tests to get endorsements for your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and sit for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) exam.

2. Responsible Behavior

When you’re on the road, your employer entrusts goods worth thousands of dollars and expects you to deliver the cargo on time and in the best condition. You’re in charge of your truck and must manage your time well to deliver the shipment to the client on time. Because of this responsibility, reliable truck drivers thrive on the job because of the trust they have from the freight company.  

Additionally, as a truck driver, you have a responsibility to deliver high-quality service to maintain customer relations. In the busy freight industry, employers have no room for excuses over delays. And as a trucker, you must learn self-dependence right from the start because you’re alone most of the time.

3. Alertness and Awareness

Your domain as a truck driver is on the open road, and the risk of accidents is high. In fact, a recent report shows 74 percent of fatal passenger accidents involved a large truck. Because of this risk, truck companies have continued to improve work conditions to reduce accidents.

As a truck driver, you must remain aware and alert when out on the open road. You can react earlier and avoid accidents when focused on the road. You must notice what other drivers intend to do so you can give a warning when need be.

Some accidents occur due to truck problems, and to stay safe, you must always be on the lookout for any vehicle trouble. If necessary, you may need to talk to your response team about any mechanical issues and find a solution before you continue with the trip.

4. Good Communication Skills

A truck driver communicates with different people while on the job. You’ll be part of the logistics chain and your employer will expect you to represent the company well. To succeed in the job, you need people skills to handle customers, law enforcement, and other drivers. Good communication skills will also help make a great first impression on the client as you deliver the shipment.

5. Mechanical Skills  

To handle your truck competently, you’ll need some background understanding of how critical systems work. Mechanical skills come in handy to deal with minor issues on the road. With these skills, you can troubleshoot for engine problems and identify the cause of unusual noises or loss of power before you call for help. Such skills will keep you safe on the road and help you make deliveries on time.

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