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What Exactly Does an Entry-Level Warehouse Worker Do?

Looking for a job can be stressful, especially if job descriptions are vague and do not detail exactly what the position requires. Such jobs may include any position described simply as “warehouse worker.” The title is often used ambiguously and applies to warehouses for companies and as well as distribution centers.

As you seek out a warehouse job, learn exactly what entry-level positions are available, what to expect, and how to grow through the warehouse field.

Warehouse Packers

One of the more entry-level jobs in a warehouse is a packer. Packers usually take in orders, gather items, and place orders together. The order sizes and available manpower depend on the warehouse. For example, if the warehouse is a distribution center for a large company, you may pack large bulk orders for delivery to individual stores alongside many other packers.

If the warehouse is for an online company, the packing duties may include the shipment of specific customer orders. Typically, a packer needs to be in good physical condition to lift, carry, and push items through the warehouse. A bulk of the shift will be spent on your feet. You’ll also need basic computer skills to receive and process a variety of orders.

Warehouse Worker

The warehouse worker is one of the more general job descriptions you will find in the field. While the packer is more specific, a worker may be used in all elements of a warehouse. During the first couple of weeks, your training will include learning all the various positions within the warehouse.

When trucks arrive, you may unload items or load other items onto trucks. You may have cleaning and organizational duties during warehouse off-hours. The duties will vary day by day as you work under a manager. Like the packers, the worker will likely be on their feet for a majority of the shift.

Due to deadlines and shipping needs, both the worker and packer positions are fast-paced jobs. Certain times of the year may become busier than others due to high demand. For example, demands may be higher during the holiday season as more orders come in to specific warehouses.

Warehouse Clerk

One of the less physically demanding jobs in a warehouse is the clerk position. The position is typically computer-based and requires knowledge of basic software, although training is often provided for the entry-level positions. As a clerk, your main duties will involve processing orders and invoices. You may also process credit card or check payments.

Along with digital computer work, the warehouse clerk may do business over the phone. Customer service skills and experience will help with clerk positions. Besides customer order duties, a clerk may keep offices clean and do inspections of warehouse garbage cans and bathrooms. Every warehouse is different and different duties apply to specific areas.

Warehouse Material Handlers

If you are comfortable operating machinery, then consider a position as an entry-level warehouse material handler. The material handler operates machinery like forklifts or small trucks. Before the work begins, safety and training classes take place so employees are familiar with the machines.

The longer you work as a material handler, the more opportunity you have to move up through the ranks and operate heavier machines. Unlike other jobs, you may operate machines in a sitting position and may not need to be on your feet for a majority of the shift.

Coordination and attention to detail are essential to the material handler job. Every warehouse has specific safety rules, so a warehouse may require a clean driving record or multiple safety quizzes before you operate the machinery.

For more information on warehouse jobs and open positions, contact us at Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. We can help you find warehouse jobs and have a number of other job options available as well.

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