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4 Permanent Benefits of Using Temporary Employees

Do you need to hire additional help for your business? Trained, skilled, and diligent staff are a vital component of nearly every company no matter how large or small it is. But finding the right people can be an expensive, time-consuming process. For many employers, there is a better, easier way — just hire temporary employees.

There are many benefits to using temporary staff members in a variety of positions. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many companies take advantage of this modern employment tool.

1. You Don’t Spend Time Recruiting

Recruitment is a costly part of employment. Many employers can spend $1,000 or more just to find one employee. These costs include advertisements, background checks, interview time, screening efforts, sign-on bonuses, relocation, and recruitment service costs. Do you have the time and money to do all this? If not, let a temporary employment service do the work for you.

A staffing service manages their own pool of applicants and workers. The service works with the employer to learn what the job calls for and matches up its best employee recommendations for the employer to review. As an employer, you generally interview a select group of potential employees and choose who fits your company best. The process is largely seamless on your end.

2. The Temporary Service Shoulders the Paperwork

If you are a small company, the many rules for payroll can be burdensome. As an employer, you become subject to oversight by the IRS, Social Security Administration, state labor boards, and employment commissions. You’ll need to know how to properly store certain documents, file informational returns regularly, report changes, and be aware of all the rights of both employer and employee.

If you are considering your first employee, especially, you may not be ready for all this new work. A staffing agency, however, retains the individual on their own payroll, which frees you from most of the work of being an employer. The agency will handle payroll, payroll taxes, staff who can’t come to work, and disciplinary issues. All you do is pay the invoice from the agency.

3. You and the Employee Get to Know Each Other

How do you choose someone who will fit into your company and be great at their job from a pool of unknown people? This is the challenge that all employees must face time and time again, and it can’t always be done in the space of one or two short interviews.

If you hire temporary staffers, the employee spends time within your organization and within a particular team. Both bosses and staff can assess how well they fit in, whether or not they are really up to the job, and how their goals align with the employer’s. If you don’t ‘gel’ as a partnership, you — or the employee — can ask for a different worker to be assigned, without any extra burden or guilt.

4. You Can Hire Cyclically

Do you have a cyclical business? Many industries have busy periods and slow periods. The retail industry deals with holiday shopping cycles. Tourist businesses see high seasons and low seasons. Some businesses may not even know when extra work will come in.

If your company has its own cycles, you may not need all your employees all the time. But not all employees may want to contract for an unstable position, and you probably don’t want to spend the time and money to hire and lay off staff all the time. With temporary workers, staffing agencies do the recruiting work, so you can hire a worker for a stint of a single day or for many months.

Could your company use some help in any of these areas? Whether you want to save time and money or be able to hire staff only when you need them, temporary employees could be the answer you need. At Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing, we can help. Call today to discuss your staffing needs and our solutions.

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