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5 Reasons to Start Hiring Seasonal Workers Early

Do you need to hire seasonal help for your business? If so, you do well to get started long before that big crunch time happens. Why? Discover five of the many benefits of hiring seasonal employees earlier rather than later.

1. Your Hiring Pool Will Be Stronger

While you may have a seemingly large pool of seasonal workers, the best candidates will find work first. The longer you wait to start finding and offering employment to this pool of individuals, the more competition you face from other businesses doing the same thing.

Coming out strong and early is especially important if you can’t compete as well as you’d like with a higher wage, better benefits, or a more attractive pool of jobs. And even if do you have a better package than your competitors, you may not be able to lure over employees who have already committed to another position. 

2. You Can Train New People

If you start well before your busy season, you have time to train staff properly. Without training, your new employees may be limited in what they can do for you and your clients. With more time to learn the job, though, you can rely on them to take on more involved tasks, to step up for permanent staff, and even to provide new and fresh insights into how the jobs they are doing could be improved. 

3. Your New Staff Feels Comfortable

Employees who feel that they know their job — even a temporary one — often provide better service. Letting seasonal people settle into their job may involve a little extra time, but it boosts their chances of success. They will have time to learn how your company works, what the nuances of the job are, and how to prioritize tasks. This improves the experience for customers, full-time staff, and seasonal employees.

4. You Encourage Long-Term Workers

Most seasonal employees like to work for only a limited period at designated times. But few may want to go through the process of looking for, interviewing for, training for, and then working for a job that will only last weeks.

If you can offer employment that starts earlier than your competitors and lasts through the full season, candidates are more likely to be attracted to you as an employer — including as a regular employer. They will see that not only can you provide a better paycheck, but you also show more interest in building a quality seasonal team instead of a hurried operation.

5. You Can Vet Candidates Better

Even though seasonal staff are only around for a short time, they have a big impact on your business. Customer-facing workers affect how your clients remember your business, positive or negative. You want to have confidence in anyone who will handle cash or customer data. And you need to make sure that new employees fit into your company culture rather than creating conflicts during your busy time. 

There are no shortcuts in vetting employees. It simply takes time. You may need to weed more through resumes, go through more than one interview, perform background checks, and have probationary periods. So the sooner you start, the more thoroughly you can do this process before you actually need the person in place on your front lines.

Clearly, the added benefits that come from hiring temporary workers early often outweigh the additional investment of time and money. It can elevate your seasonal employees’ experience and boost their output. Want to know more about hiring the best seasonal employees? Start by meeting with the staffing pros at Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing today. 

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