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5 Ways Your Company Benefits From a More Diverse Workforce

As you bring in new workers, you undoubtedly want the most qualified individuals without breaking your payroll budget. And one way to help ensure that you get that talented workforce and improve your company’s effectiveness is to hire a diverse mix of employees. Why does diversity in hiring matter? Here are some ways it benefits the company.

1. A Broader Range of Skills

If you only look at one pool of candidates, you may get a much narrower range of skill sets and experience. The more you venture outward to reach other groups, including other age ranges and genders, the more you get different talents and skills.

For instance, your company can benefit from an older worker who spent decades working in sales as well as from a young person who’s savvy in social media. By putting these divergent skill sets to work as a team, their potential is much greater than either has alone.

2. Introduction of Fresh Ideas

When people look at the same problem in different ways, they are more likely to find different solutions. This helps an employer because employees can think outside pre-established boxes.

One staff member may have always handled a particular task — such as the bookkeeping — the same way, but it may not be the most effective or efficient way to do so. When you hire someone who looks at the task differently, they may have a much better solution. You might find that the amount of time that project takes is reduced, the work is more accurate, or you understand it better.

3. A Better Company Reputation

Clients value diverse companies and inclusive experiences. One reason is that customers appreciate working with people who both reflect their life experience and those who represent a different way of looking at things. And they are increasingly demonstrating this value with their shopping choices.

A reputation for a diverse workforce is particularly important for businesses in an increasingly diverse city or community. And while customer-facing diversity is the most obvious, don’t overlook the value of good word-of-mouth about your staff who may not be so prominently noticeable.

4. A Larger Pool of Candidates

Along with a wider range of skill sets, you also have a wider range of people to choose from and personalities to mesh with. Finding the right candidate for a position can be challenging, especially when you have only a few choices to select from. But when you look beyond the obvious — to veterans, older workers, college students, working mothers, and underrepresented groups — your choices grow.

5. More Adaptation and Flexibility

The business world and market changes rapidly, and companies that want to survive and thrive need to be able to keep up. An employer with employees who are stuck in the old ways of doing things may find that their ability to adapt to change is limited. They may not have a flexible work culture or experience trying new things.

Instead, surround yourself with people who think differently and have different goals and needs. These may challenge an established employer at first but can lead to more open thinking and easier adaptation to new situations and markets.

Where to Start

Do you want to diversify your hiring pool and seek out workers with different points of view and skills? Begin by meeting with the staffing team at Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing to talk about your hiring goals. We work with a wide variety of candidates and can help you find the right persons no matter what your interests. Call today to make an appointment and get started.


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