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Considering Your First Employee? 5 Reasons to Start With Temporary Workers

Does your small but growing business need to hire help? This stage in any small business’s life cycle is a delicate time. You need to keep up with demand and encourage growth, but you also likely still have a tight budget and are new to many aspects of being a business owner. 

Before you rush out to hire your first employee, though, consider adopting another strategy instead: working with a temporary agency first. How can this help you and your business? Here are a few important ways.

1. It Saves Money and Time

Many new employers aren’t aware that hiring employees is an expensive and time-consuming task. An employer can spend an average of 33 to 49 days looking at applications, conducting interviews, and vetting candidates. You could be spending that valuable time on their business operations. In addition, you may pay 25% to 40% over the salary offering once you add in things like taxes and benefits. 

Temporary workers reduce these business costs by letting the staffing agency take on the work of being an employer. They screen candidates and only present those who fit your needs best, and then they foot the bill for payroll while you pay an agreed-upon amount for their services. 

2. It Prevents New Red Tape

A small business that has largely gone under the radar of government oversight will find itself subject to much more regulation when they become an employer. You’ll have to register with the IRS and state tax agencies, file new tax forms, and track remittances. You’ll now be subject to state labor boards and the federal employer rules. And you’ll need to keep abreast of employment law changes. 

Rather than mire your small company in new layers of red tape, let a staffing agency handle this and concentrate on your business. 

3. It Allows You to Learn

Do you have experience managing staff? Some entrepreneurs came from a larger business or corporate environment and are familiar with navigating personnel issues and being good leaders. But many aren’t used to this part of their job.

If you’re one of these individuals, why not spend a few months learning how to be a good boss while letting the agency handle the actual work of managing payroll and staff? Then, when you’re ready, you can add to your own responsibilities by hiring directly. 

4. It Ensures a Good Match

In general, a client can work with a temporary employee for three to six months while that person remains on the payroll of the staffing agency. Use this time to be certain that you found the right person for the job.

By working together for an extended time, you will learn much more about them, their work habits, and your pairing than you ever could in an interview — especially if you’re also new to interviewing. 

5. It Buys You Time

Hiring a permanent employee is a commitment. But what if your situation changes in a few months? From business cycles to economic changes to miscalculations of work levels, business needs change quickly. But if you hired employees when times were good, you’re somewhat stuck with them even if things are slower. During this transition, keep your options as open as possible until you’re sure of everything. 

Where to Start

Could a temporary worker or two provide benefits that becoming an employer right now wouldn’t? Whether you need to save money, be sure of your needs, or learn how to be a great boss, the best place to start is with a visit to Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing. We will help you meet your small business needs while saving time and money. Call or stop by today to learn more. 

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