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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Staffing Company

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Most employers dread the hiring process as it is usually tiresome and takes attention away from business operations. However, you have to employ new talent to enhance performance and put your business on the map. Fortunately, staffing companies can provide you with the expertise that you need during the recruitment process.

These staffing companies play a vital role that can make or break your business based on the kind of employees they send to you. For this reason, you need to work with a top-notch staffing agency to avoid bad hires. This article provides you with factors to help you select a staffing company.


You need to work with a firm that is well known for providing quality services and competent employees. Read the agencies’ reviews online, and choose one whose testimonials are realistic and satisfying.

Also, consult family members, friends, or other employers who hired through a particular staffing agency. They might give you firsthand information that will help you determine if the agency is right for you or not.


A staffing agency must have the talent that you need in your business. When you give the agency your job descriptions and requirements, they should provide you with qualified applicants that match your needs.

Some staffing agencies specialize in particular niches, while others provide employees from different fields. Although both types are helpful and can give you the right talent, you might need to work with a staffing agency that focuses on your industry.


A reliable staffing agency is one that is experienced in your industry. Therefore, ask for a record of successful placements to verify they have placed ideal employees in various companies in the past.

You might also need to ask about the agency’s history to learn how they have grown since their establishment. This helps you understand if they are well experienced in the staffing industry or not.

Types of Service

Staffing agencies provide contractual, temporary, and permanent employees. Some offer all of these options, while some offer one or two of them. Make sure that the agency you select offers the type of service that you require.

For example, most jobs in the construction industry are temporary. If this is your field, choose an agency with candidates ready to work temporarily in your projects. Once the project period elapses, the agency will contact the workers and inform them.

Sourcing Techniques

The way a staffing agency sources, workers should tell you if it is a reliable one or not. You don’t want to work with an agency that uses an ineffective or outdated recruitment technique that might result in bad hires. Choose an agency that embraces advanced recruitment methods to identify the most suitable candidate for a particular position.

Screening Procedures

Another crucial factor to consider is the screening procedures that the staffing agency uses. Most agencies take care of background checks and first interviews. Therefore, you need to gauge if their strategies are effective and whether they collect sufficient information about candidates.

If a recruitment agency conducts in-depth screening, you can focus on other aspects during the interview, such as personalities, employment history, or communication skills. This saves you time, money, and effort.


Transparency is a non-negotiable quality of staffing agencies. The agency should be transparent about their services, licenses, costs, and other necessary details. Vagueness is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Avoid an agency that speeds you through contracts. A reliable agency gives you ample time to go through them and raise any concerns.

Staffing agencies have helped many employers find ideal candidates for different positions. Our company, Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing, is a renowned staffing agency in Tulsa and has placed over 75,000 people. If you are looking for skilled candidates to fill your posts, contact us right away.


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