Got a Company Project? 4 Reasons to Hire Temporary Staff

Does your company have a big project it wants to or needs to undertake? Perhaps you want to research a new product line, open a pop-up or seasonal location, or conduct a large-scale internal audit. Unfortunately, finding the time, resources, and willpower to complete a project of this size can be daunting when the business is already busy enough.

One thing that can help you achieve this goal without sacrificing the quality of your main operation is to mix in temporary workers. How can this make everything better? Discover a few ways.

1. Regular Staff Aren’t Overwhelmed

Likely one of the biggest things holding many small businesses back from taking on new projects is a lack of time.

After all, you probably fully utilize your staff as it is. Taking people away from their current work in order to spearhead and staff a second project may simply be insurmountable. And if it’s a project the company must take on regardless of staffing, your employees will feel the burden. Temporary workers can lift that load by handling the added work while permanent employees do what you hired them to do.

2. The Project Gets Fresh Ideas

As people work in the same position and for the same company for a while, they tend to fall into habits. But while some habits are useful — like having standardized procedures for certain tasks — others result in a lack of new ideas or creative thinking.

Bringing in outside personnel, especially for a creative project or a brand-new location, also brings in new ways of thinking. As they work alongside permanent staff who know how your company functions, this mix could make the project even better than you ever expected.

3. You Can Scale Up and Down

Filling permanent positions for temporary projects is a budget-busting idea. And even if you advertise for and hire new personnel with the understanding that the position is only temporary, you will have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding multiple people. Then, you’ll have to work out the end of their tenure as well.

On the other hand, you could let a staffing service do all the scaling-up and scaling-down for you. These agencies have a ready supply of employees they can provide on short notice and who will easily move on without your company doing extra work or taking on extra expense when the project is done.

4. You Can Target Specific Skills

What if your staff doesn’t have all the necessary skills or qualities to get the project done? Perhaps you need people skilled in accounting subjects for an internal audit or data research project. Maybe you need employees who have opened a new location before. Or maybe your staff just doesn’t have anyone interested in running your seasonal booth.

Temporary staffing allows you to target the experience and training needed for this particular project. You don’t have to hire personnel who fill all the needs of your business permanently but can rather focus on specific traits this particular project needs.

Where Can You Learn More?

Want to know more about the benefits of using temporary workers for a temporary project? Or how the temporary staffing process works for companies like yours? Start by meeting with a staffing service in your area to learn about options.

Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing has assisted area businesses staff projects both long and short — as well as large or small — for more than 30 years. We will work with you to find the right skills, personnel, and contract terms to fit your needs. Call today to get started.

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