Remember These 5 Things on Your Job Search

Unemployment can be stressful and uncertain. If you have bills to pay and people to provide for, you’ll need to get back into the workforce as soon as possible so life can get back to normal. On your search for new employment, remember these tips to find a job that will not only pay your bills but give you work in which you can take pride.

1. Know What You Want

You won’t find a better time than your period of unemployment to evaluate what you know how to do, what you enjoy doing, and what you’re capable of pursuing in the future. Being jobless allows you to reset and determine the kind of job you want to do for the foreseeable future. You will find it much easier to narrow down where to apply and what companies to work for if you have a grasp of the kind of job you want.

2. Research and Specify

Once you know the kind of work you’d like to do, find the companies that want to hire in that area. If your resume and interview seem tailor-made for the spot they need to fill, you’ll make a good impression on the recruiters and people in charge of hiring. Your task is to make sure that’s what they see. Look into the company before you send in your application, and reword your resume as necessary to present yourself as the perfect fit.

If you make it to the interview stage, you’ll need to do more research before you go in. The more you know about the company and the position you want to take, the more you’ll show your interviewer that you’re ready and able to fill it. Prepare yourself for the questions they may ask, and have a few of your own ready should they give you the opportunity to ask. 

3. When in Doubt, Apply

Some employers have an active interest in candidates who have no previous experience but can learn quickly and have some necessary skills. Other employers may not operate on that policy, but you can persuade them to consider you anyways if you present yourself as motivated and quick-learning. If you think you can do what a job requires of you, apply for it even if you lack some of the listed qualifications. 

4. Follow Up Afterward

Some companies refuse to hire candidates if they do not send in a thank-you note or email after the interview. A lack of follow-up can also indicate that you have no real interest in the position for which you applied. To avoid these misunderstandings, send the thank-yous and call or email your recruiter if you don’t hear back after a few days. You will convince the hiring manager that you take this application seriously and are ready to work with them.

5. Use What You Have

Many resources exist for the sole purpose of connecting job-seekers to potential employers. Use free and low-priced resources to represent yourself online and do the searching for you. If you put the work into being visible and easy to find online, you can find a job much more easily than if you neglect these opportunities. Even once you begin work, continue to network and build connections — you may need them down the road.

If you have talents and skills but don’t know what companies can use them, consider working with a staffing company. Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing has the connections to get you into a workplace that will utilize your abilities and show off your skills. Apply today to see what jobs lie in store for you.

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