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Tips for Onboarding New Employees

You just finished the interview process and have identified your ideal employee. The next step is to onboard the new employee successfully. Use the following tips to get started.

Start Preboarding

Before the employee reports to work, send them a welcoming message. The message can be in the form of an email and contain relevant forms that the employee must fill out. Also, indicate the location of the company and the time and date when the employee should report to work.

Here are other things that you can include in the introduction e-mail:

  • The company’s dress code, including prohibited attire.
  • The documents that the employee should come with on their first day.
  • Details about where the new employee should park their car.

The information ensures that the employee knows what to expect on the first day of work.

Give Them a Tour of the Workplace

The employee should spend their first day at work learning about the layout of the office and the location of key amenities. For example, the employee should know the location of their desk, the breakroom, and the bathroom. The manager, the employee’s team leader, or someone from the Human Resources department can do the job of showing the new employee around. The tour guide should also introduce the new employees to other employees.

Meet the HR Department

The HR department can help the employee with crucial information such as health insurance and other benefits. The HR department can also inform the employees about the company’s work culture and safety policies. The new employee also gets to know about the company’s code of conduct and who they can contact if they have any questions. In addition, the HR department might also receive the tax forms or banking details that the employee may have brought with them.

Assign the Employee a Work Buddy or Mentor

Assign someone to help the new employee settle into their new position. That person can serve as a mentor and help the employee feel welcomed and part of the team. While the assigned person should be someone who has worked in the company for a long time, they shouldn’t necessarily be older than the new employee.

Cut Back on Deadlines

During the interview, the new employee may have indicated that they can work under pressure and meet all deadlines. However, putting strict deadlines means rushing the onboarding process. Instead, let the employee work on projects with flexible deadlines. This step will help the employee learn about the company’s procedures in a relaxed environment.

Assist the Employee in Envisioning Their Future at the Company

The onboarding process can help the new hire develop psychological trust and loyalty to the company. To that end, let the employee have a complete understanding of the company’s intangibles and facts. Ask people who have been working in the company for a long time to share their stories and experiences working with the company. In the end, the employee will be motivated to work harder and grow their career at the company.

Provide the Necessary Tools

Some employees want to make an impact as soon as possible. So give them the right resources and tools to be successful. For example, new employees should have usernames and passwords to access crucial information. If employees find the right tools, they will be motivated, and this can impact how they perform later.

New employees can make or break your company. To ensure you get the best employees, work with Tulsa’s Green Country Staffing to find the right candidate. We can help you get the right talent within the shortest time possible. Contact us to get started.

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