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Why You Should Adopt Virtual Interviewing During Staffing

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Staffing in every organization changes, but what has not changed is the need for talent. Unfortunately, finding the right talent for the job can be hectic, time-consuming, and a burden. 

What if you had a way to reduce this burden and make staffing much easier and more effective?

Try virtual interviews. Many companies and organizations have moved online, so why can’t staffing do the same? Read about four reasons why you should adopt virtual interviewing during staffing.

Saves Time and Money

Time and money are essential in every organization. Thankfully, conducting virtual interviews can help you do both. Before COVID-19, phone and video interviews happened, but the real impact of online working is now. Using modern technology and resources meant for socializing, such as Skype, Zoom, Slack, and high-speed broadband internet, you can effectively and efficiently save your time and costs while staffing. 

Working virtually can help you organize your interviews at suitable times and help you stay within the said timelines. Additionally, because everything is online, the interview process can be streamlined with other processes or shared across different platforms with other staffing individuals. Hence, you will not have any need to piggyback interview information between staff and management.

With cost savings, it works both ways: your applicants will not have to commute to your offices or your interview location, nor will your organization have to cater to travel costs for your human resource staff. Additionally, the organization saves in costs since you will have no need to print out the CVs nor additional paperwork during onboarding.

Eliminates Bias 

There is no sure way to eliminate bias, seeing there is unconscious or implicit bias: the thought that the mind makes judgments about something before the conscious mind registers data. However, virtual interviews have provided a way to eliminate a considerable part of it. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, the interviewer will have an opinion about a candidate based on the first impression or the perception they give off. For example, attending the interview on time is always a good sign. However, other elements can bring bias, such as clothing and looks. 

Virtual interviews can help reduce bias by allowing the interviewer to focus on more crucial details such as the knowledge and experience of the applicant rather than their appearance. 

Enhances Flexibility and Time Management

Virtual interviewing will help you remain aware of your schedule at all times. You increase flexibility and time management by scheduling and rescheduling your interviews against your calendar with no hassle. Consequently, the added flexibility will aid you to move through the interview process fast and yield quicker results.

This technique can be especially crucial for management levels who have a lot of work to juggle and require consistency in the hiring process.

Widens Scope of Talent

Some applicants can’t or won’t attend a physical interview, probably due to lack of a means of transport, the distance to your office location, or employment somewhere else. But if the interview is virtual with the possibility of a remote job, you open the opportunity for many applicants. In turn, you bank on multiple applicants who can offer you what you need plus more.

Better Your Staffing Process With Virtual Interviews

After the onset of the pandemic, a lot of changes occurred in the business world. People moved their business online through e-commerce, virtual meetings, and now virtual interviews in real-time. Although this was a fast move, it comes with many advantages like added flexibility, cost savings, convenience, less bias, and a broader talent pool. 

For help with staffing, contact us today for your staffing needs. We look forward to helping you.


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